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Health Attendant

Health Attendant


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The voice-activated innovation that provides security, confidence and protection for your human capital.


  • Can be fully integrated into any room using various simple mounting techniques
  • 100% safe and tested, including filters
  • Fully customisable voice messages for your company and requirements

Research shows that enclosed spaces that we use frequently and with many people contribute greatly to the tranmission of COVID-19 and other viruses. Unintentionally, your common area, think of your toilet or canteen, can thus become a source of infection and spread in the working environment - all your precautions notwithstanding! Puresys & Pinewood Electronics present the Health Attendant - your voice-activated innovation to promote workplace hygiene.


This is what the Health Attendant can do

  • Detect presence in a room
  • Play a pre-recorded professional voice message with specific hygiene instructions to prevent transmission of COVID-19
  • Purify the air of viruses and pollutants with filters and UV light
  • Create a calming atmosphere with sounds of nature, for example. The safe and calm feeling contributes to trust from staff and visitors

The Health Attendant is suitable for, among others: shared or public toilets, classrooms, sports clubs, company canteens, buses, lifts and any other (semi-)public space where many people congregate.

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