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The best air- and waterfilters on the global market 


To measure is to know

Unfortunately, the stricter insulation standards in commercial buildings and now homes also often result in poorer air quality. The stuffy indoor air of an enclosed space can cause headaches, loss of concentration,... A ventilation system is necessary, but it potentially draws polluted outside air inside. Moreover, bacteria, mould and fine dust can accumulate in the ducts and continue to be spread inside.

Especially people with reduced immunity, asthma and other respiratory issues benefit from a high-performance air purification system, but since the Covid19 pandemic, its great health benefit is immediately obvious to everyone.

Ekorika distributes devices to measure air quality in every aspect. Huma's devices are compact and convenient to use. They measure CO2, particulate matter, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, as well as humidity and temperature.

Know what you breathe with our air quality monitors!


Air filters

Ekorika has been supplying air purifiers to professional and private customers for many years. Fair prices and highest quality (to above HEPA level) ensure that our air filters are even used in operating theatres of large hospitals.

Our air filters remove every possible contaminant. In doing so, they perform much better than our competitors, which can only guarantee less thorough filtration. In contrast, our air purifiers remove everything from pollen and dust to ozone particles and the smallest bacteria and viruses.

Our range includes devices that are built into walls or ceilings, free-standing on the floor or on a table, as well as small air purifiers that you can easily take with you and use in the car, on the train and in your hotel room.

Breathe freely and deeply as if it were fresh mountain air!


Water filters

Ekorika has more than 20 years of experience in cleaning and purifying drinking water for human consumption. We distribute the best water filters available worldwide. Partly for this reason, our customers include hospitals and schools.

Our range includes water filters for your home, office, companies, shops, public buildings,... Various systems with different capacities and options for every situation. Tap water can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, metals, fungi,... Old plumbing can cause all kinds of contamination. Our filters clean drinking water down to the molecular level so that no contamination remains.

Our filters not only have a positive impact on your health. They also benefit your comfort and nature. No more lugging around trays of glass bottles, or a stopper of plastic bottle waste.

Enjoy life to the full!

Our water filters are not yet available in the webshop. Contact us for more info.

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