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About Puresys

Puresys saw the light of day in the Technology and Research & Development Industrial Zone in Daejong, South Korea. The Daedeok Innopolis was founded as part of the Korean government's major structural investment in R&D and technology since the 1970s. Because of this continued commitment, Daedeok's universities, research institutes and technology companies are today among the world's best.

Puresys Company ltd. has been at the forefront of high-tech air filters and air purifiers since its establishment in 2006. The devices not only filter all dirt particles from the air, but also disinfect the air of all bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals,... Moreover, this environmentally conscious company uses only ecologically sound, sustainable technology.

The problem of air pollution in Asia is well known. So the demand for quality air purifiers is high there. Puresys' high-quality air filters combine excellent results with simple operation, great efficiency and excellent cost-benefit analysis. The company therefore quickly grew to become one of the major players in the market. Its air filters can be found all over South Korea, including in many government buildings, schools, hospitals, laboratories,...

Belgian company Ekorika bvba had already been importing and selling water filters from South Korea for 20 years when the first contacts were made with Puresys in 2015 at a technology sector event in Daejong. At that time, the South Korean company had few exports, and none outside Asia.

Ekorika and Puresys came to an agreement: as an agent in Belgium, Ekorika would import the air filters from South Korea and market them in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Since then, these air filters have been conquering Europe. The high quality and technology that leaves the competition far behind assure Puresys of an ever-increasing market share. Other European countries will be represented in the near future, and there are plans to expand to the United States as well. For Puresys, the road to the future lies open globally.

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Puresys air filters use the globally patented AIR MAGIC technology. This air filtration and disinfection system was developed by Puresys' R&D department. The aim was to produce an air purifier that not only filters the smallest dirt particles from the air, but also removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemical gases and ozone from the air and neutralises bad odours.

This technology is based on electro- and chemical catalysis using isotropic copper and titanium dioxide metal foam combined with UV light.


3 layers of perfectly purified air:

  • Washable polyurethane foam filter: removes dust, (animal) hair, pollen, and odours

  • Activated carbon filter: filters out cigarette smoke and odours

  • HEPA filter: removes fine dust, mould, volatile organic compounds

11 steps of sterilisation, deodorisation and degradation of harmful gases by electro- and chemical catalysts using isotropic copper and titanium dioxide metal foams combined with UV light.

  • Antibacterial filter, blocks electromagnetic radiation, removes allergens, harmful gases and odours

  • Sterilisation of organic material, decomposition of harmful gases and deodorisation using oxidation by optical reaction to UV light and highly efficient catalyst.

  • Sterilises bacteria and micro-organisms

  • Removes ozone, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrous oxide, ethylene oxide gas

  • Removes antibiotic substances, bad odours, fine dust particles

  • Globally patented ozone-free, nitrogen-free filter with negatively charged ions; breaks down odours and boosts immunity and well-being

All units in the Puresys range are equipped with a triple filter that removes even the smallest contaminants from the air. The air then undergoes an 11-step process in which bacteria and viruses are removed in a chain reaction of electro- and chemical catalysis, chemical gases and odours are broken down with nanocatalysts and UV light, and ozone is removed with a special catalyst.

Puresys' AIR MAGIC technology guarantees air quality that few other air filters on the market achieve. Most other air purifiers only filter dust particles from the air, but do nothing against bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemical gases or the ozone generated by many electronic devices.

Puresys filters, on the other hand, purify everything from the air, to the extent that the devices are suitable for air purification and decontamination in laboratories and hospitals, including operating theatres.

Beneficial air for a healthy home, a stimulating school environment, or a productive workplace.

Maintenance and Warranty

You get a 3-year warranty on all Puresys air filters from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers electrical and mechanical defects and number of working hours. Damage due to improper use and cases of force majeure will not be covered.

During these 3 years, you will enjoy free maintenance on your air filter. After that, you can use a paying repair service.

We have spare parts and parts for all our appliances for at least 5 years.

If a defect appears on your air filter within 7 days of purchase, your appliance will be replaced immediately. Defects within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.

In some cases, you will also need to use the paid repair service during the warranty period:

  • When returned parts are found not to be defective. Please read the user manual carefully before contacting the repair service to avoid this.

  • Puresys disclaims all responsibility if the damage was caused by:

    • misuse, incorrect repair or assembly

    • repair by non-approved personnel

    • inappropriate power supply (e.g. 110V instead of 220-230V)

    • shock or fall of the device

    • parts not supplied or approved by Puresys

  • When the defect is caused by a case of force majeure (fire, flood and the like)


Puresys holds several ISO certifications, the European CE safety certificate and many others.

The quality of air purification offered by Puresys makes these air filters suitable for use in the most sensitive places, such as schools, hospitals (including operating theatres), laboratories,... and for people with severe allergies or respiratory diseases.


Huma: to measure is to know

Huma air quality monitors quickly and accurately give you all the necessary data on the quality of the air you breathe.


Especially people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or emphysema benefit from high air quality. But this is also an important factor in general health and well-being for everyone. Too high a CO2 level in the room can, for example, lead to loss of concentration and severe headaches.


Huma's devices give you quick assurance about the air quality in the room you are in. The HI-150 is a portable device that can easily be taken on trips. The HI-300 is a stationary device that monitors air quality in even large rooms. Moreover, you can monitor up to 100 sensors via an app and Wi-Fi connection.


Always be confident. Breathe with confidence.


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